Advice to supervised and non-supervised financial entities, domestic and foreign clients in negotiations in the drafting and review of their documents and guarantees.

Advice on securitization processes, issuance of securities, negotiation of trust agreements, relations with risk rating agencies, due diligence processes and administrative procedures before the respective superintendencies, among others


At RC&M we take care of preparing the business model, document flow, advice and implementation of digital credit operations.


From RC&M we support in the implementation of the advisory service to platforms that have functions of fiscal planning, wealth protection, estate planning, succession planning and family governance, structuring and estate planning. Our main objective is to enable our clients to meet each of the operational, technical, and legal requirements that allow them to increase, preserve and protect the wealth of companies.


As a consulting firm in the Fintech segment of digital payments, we provide the guidelines and structure of desirable behaviors in the activities carried out by payment gateway operators, in their activity within electronic commerce. In this way, we provide companies with the necessary legal tools so that their payment processing (whether it is a gateway or aggregator) meets the required technical, operational, and legal requirements.


Carrying out studies and implementing solutions that allow the application of technology in regulatory compliance by financial entities in an agile and efficient manner.


We advise companies in the development of decentralization models and solutions and products based on the blockchain, the tokenization of assets and cryptocurrencies based on legal definitions and legal scope within Colombian legislation as well as internationally.


From RC&M we provide the necessary legal services to develop technological innovations in order to achieve the necessary efficiencies in the current model of the insurance sector to compete in the new digital context.


Design, analysis, conceptualization, and structuring of Wealthtech business models. Development of Privacy Policies, processing of personal data and advice on electronic invoicing, consumer protection, implementation of the cloud, among others.


Design,   analysis, conceptualization, and structuring of platforms for Crowdfunding, as well as advice for the planning and execution of campaigns. Development of derivative contracts such as brokerage and deployment of costs related to the platform and execution.


Advice and support in the structuring of the business model for companies that tend, through digital alternatives, to facilitate access to financing through factoring and confirming operations to the different market players.


Advice on the structuring of the business model and products of banking entities that have a Fintech philosophy and seek to use digital channels as an alternative to traditional banking for financial consumers, in order to adapt to the new needs of the public and provide more agile and efficient for the provision of services