Erick Rincón Cárdenas

Lawyer from the Universidad del Rosario (Colombia); with postgraduate degrees in Financial Law and Contract Law from the Universidad del Rosario; Diploma in International Electronic Commerce from the Externado de Colombia University; Diploma of Advanced Studies D.E.A. - Master's Degree in Commercial Law from the Alfonso X University of Spain; Doctor of Law from the European University of Madrid.
He is currently a partner of RC& and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Jurisprudence of the Universidad del Rosario.
He was President of the Alianza Fintech Iberoamérica and of Colombia Fintech.

Associated Lawyers

Sergio García Ferreira

Lawyer from Javeriana University. Master in Fintech and Financial Innovation from OBS Business School University in Spain. He has been an undergraduate and postgraduate professor at several universities in the areas of Fintech law, electronic commerce and personal data protection. Additionally, he is a professor for ICONTEC for the course Privacy by design and Protection of personal data, focusing his participation on the ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards. Within his professional practice at the firm RC&M S.A.S., he directly advises clients on the area of technology, financial and fintech law, mainly regarding the support and advice on fintech business structuring, financial regulation, electronic commerce, contractual schemes, dematerialized and immaterialized documents and new models with the use of information technologies and communications.

Valeria Martínez Molano

Lawyer from Universidad del Rosario. Master in Law with emphasis in Private from the University itself. Her professional practice has been carried out in the design and legal analysis of technological implementations that allow the interoperability of processes, working on matters such as the electronic title of value, electronic invoicing, as well as different business initiatives around electronic commerce and fintech business, mainly related to digital credit operations. Also, has written different articles related to the implications of technology in law, and has special experience in matters of chamber registries, operations between chambers of commerce and process simplification. Additionally, she has experience in corporate law and has worked as a professor at the University of Manizales in the subject of Computer Law.


María Paula Quevedo Laverde

Lawyer from Universidad del Rosario (Colombia), with a focus on Commercial Law and specialist in Fintech Law from the Universidad Externado de Colombia; with interest in Financial and Stock Market Law, Law of new technologies and Fintech, and Corporate Law. She has experience in the legal area of banking entities, financial consumer advocates, and law firms focused on the financial sector.

Valentina Gómez Villamil

Lawyer from the Universidad del Rosario, in the process of specializing in commercial law at the same University; with studies from the University of Granada. His professional practice has been carried out in the design and legal analysis of different initiatives in Fintech, Legaltech, personal data protection, and related to Commercial and Civil Law. She has participated as co-author and editor of legal texts; He was also a member of TechnoLAWgic, a research hotbed in law and technology.

Cristian Camilo Reyes Rincón

Lawyer, student specializing in Computer Law and New Technologies at the Externado de University (Colombia), currently works as an assistant in the creation and development of academic products focused on Fintech trends.


Juan Camilo Gallego Duque

Tenth-semester law student at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, where he is pursuing an emphasis on business law. He did his internship at Deceval of the Colombian Stock Exchange. Co-author of different academic texts and member of research groups.

Andrés González Klotz

He is currently pursuing his undergraduate studies in Law at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, with an emphasis on International Trade Law and Tort Law. She has experience in consulting contractual matters, and actively supports the legal development of business initiatives related to electronic commerce, Fintech, legal design, consumer protection and habeas data.

Associate consultant

Iván Felipe Rico Gutiérrez

Industrial Engineer from the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), Master in Economics and Finance from the University of Skövde (Sweden) and PhD student in Project Management. CFA Exam (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level I passed. Complementary training in Big Data for Finance, IFRS Accounting, Business Strategy, Digital Transformation, Stock Market Operations and Credit Risk. Current director of the Master's in Finance at the Universidad del Rosario. 16 years of experience as a Finance teacher at universities such as El Rosario, Javeriana, Sabana, Tadeo, EAN and UDES. 9 years of experience in the financial sector, mainly as a Stock Broker. Additional experience in the publishing and educational sectors as director of Financial Planning and projects at Legis Editores S.A., and director of Entrepreneurship at Fundación Universitaria Compensar. Entrepreneur in Fintech, Legaltech, e-Commerce and real estate projects. Mentor in Entrepreneurship certified by the Universidad de los Andes and Consultant in Business Valuation, Financial Modeling, Corporate Finance, Financial Planning, Excel, Entrepreneurship and Investment Banking.

Administrative director

Andrea Teresa Gámez Colmenares

Lawyer graduated from Bicentennial University of Aragua (Venezuela), with a diploma in Criminalistics and Legal Medicine. Since he joined the firm, she has developed activities concerning the operational, administrative and legal development of processes for the constitution and formalization of commercial companies, focused on softlanding.

Accounting and administrative assistant

Sergio Andrés Fernández Fernández

Public accountant from the Nueva Granada Military University and Diploma in Senior Management (UMNG); with experience in the administrative, accounting and financial area in private and public companies. In the exercise of his accounting profession, his objective is to support the accounting and administrative area of the firm RC&M S.A.S., establishing tangible objectives, control processes and efficiency to support the constant growth and solidity of the company.

General manager and legal representative

Martha Cárdenas Rodríguez

Business and family wealth manager.